Introducing the New Range of Shot Blasting Machines from ActOn Finishing

Posted on Tue, 18 Jun 2019 in: News and Press Releases

Introducing the New Range of Shot Blasting Machines from ActOn Finishing

We are excited to announce the launch of our new range of shot blasting machines. Whether you require to descale, remove corrosion, mill scale, paint or rust, achieve a smooth finish, deflash, polish or strengthen the metal we will offer you full support every step of the way. Our new range of shot blasting machines include:

Portable Abrasive Blasting Series

We have built this machine to be a high-quality and robust product. These user friendly and economical abrasive blasting machines are hydraulic tested to 250 PSI and can be supplied with or without remote control and dead man handle.

Wet Blasting Cabinets

The wet pressure jet exerted by the Wet Blasting Cabinets can be used for deburring, cleaning, polishing, degreasing & removing oil, preparing the surface before plating or strip coatings from parts. These machines offer the same results one would get when using abrasive shot blasting media. One of the main advantages of these wet blasting systems is the reduced time in which parts are blasted. This is due to the high volume conveying flow.

Suction Blast Cabinets

Designed as a compact and affordable alternative to pressure cabinets. These machines can shot blast continuously without the need to stop the process for refilling with media. The Shot Blast cabinets use a mix of abrasives and air, and are great for removing coatings, rust, corrosion, etching, and producing a smooth uniform finish.

Pressure Blast Cabinets

Designed to deliver abrasives at higher velocities than suction systems, being ideal to maximise production rates. In comparison with suction systems, Pressure Blast Cabinets can be four times faster, for most of the applications. ActOn Pressure Blast Cabinets are typically used for more demanding processes such as removing tight mill scale, harder coatings and corrosion or finishing hard-to-reach surfaces. Moreover, these machines are great for applications which require a high production output.

Key Benefits of our Shot Blasting Range

• Efficient in operation

• Operator friendly controls

• Low maintenance

• Available with manual / auto functionality

• Manufactured to offer a simpler way to use the multiple nozzles (applies to the Suction Blast Cabinets range)

• Easy to move around as it is mounted on wheels (applies to the Portable Abrasive Blasting range)

• Approx. blasting duration for each process takes between 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the Portable Abrasive Blasting machine model (applies to the Portable Abrasive Blasting


• To clean components in a quick manner, glass beads can be used as blasting media (applies to the Wet Blasting Cabinets range)

• As the wet blasting process, doesn’t produce any dust, it offers a bright and clean finish, making it a good finishing option for aerospace and medical industry (applies to the Wet

Blasting Cabinets range)

At ActOn Finishing we offer a complete package to achieve the required surface finish. Hence we will first focus on developing a finishing process that suits your requirements in order to be able to propose the right shot blasting machine and abrasive consumables.

Our expertise extends further with ActOn offering training should customers want to learn more about shot blasting operations. In addition, subcontract services are available for customers who prefer to utilise ActOn’s specialist skill to do the finishing in house, whether that is vibratory finishing services, high energy, shot blasting or precision polishing.

To learn more about ActOn Shot Blasting range and how you can experience the benefits for yourself, contact a member of the ActOn Finishing technical team today.


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