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CFS Aeroproducts Ltd. is a CAA; EASA Part-145 & FAA Part-145 Approved company in operation since 1994, although under new ownership and management since January 2012.

CFS provides a quality repair, overhaul and maintenance (MRO) service to support a wide-range of aircraft operators, from private pilots through to regional airlines, with a range of capabilities from piston & turbine engines, propellers, NDT Level 3, landing gears and associated aircraft accessories that are paramount to the safe and effective operation of an aircraft.


  • EASA, FAA and CARC accredited Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facility for turbine & piston engines, propellers, landing gears, and aircraft accessories.
  • UK, Ireland and Iceland distributor for Rotax aircraft engines

In house Facilities:

The CFS facility has several workshops, which include the following:

  • NDT Level 3 laboratory

Three workshops for the repair and overhaul of :

(a) turbine engines;

(b) piston engines – radials, inline, flat & classic’s;

(c) Rotax micro-light engines

  • Propeller : repair, overhaul, balance and SB/AD compliance
  • Landing Gear & Brakes
  • Machine shop


(a) In-coming parts & consumables, and

(b) Quarantined parts


  • Training workshop & school room
  • Turbine and Piston Engine test cell.

In house Capability:

  • B1 – Engines (Turbine): Allison 501-D13; Honeywell ALF502 / LF507
  • B2 – Engines (Piston / Micro-light): Lycoming; Continental; P&W R985/1340/1830/2000; De Havilland Gipsy Major & Queen series; RR/Armstrong Cheetah series; Rotax 912 & 914 series
  • B2 – QEC: Dove/Devon & DC6 / DC3 engine mounts; Exhaust systems; Diaphagm systems; Oil tanks & Pressure hoses
  • C5 – Accessories: Bendix / Bosch & Slick Magneto’s; AC Generators; Starters; Ignition looms; CSU’s; Fuel nozzles; Lead, Acid & NiCad Batteries; Electrical harness
  • C6 – Equipment: EDC filters; Vacuum pumps; Carburetors; Manifold Assy’s
  • C7 – APU: Lockheed Electra 2-speed gearboxes; Allison 501-D13 HP fuel filters &  Magneto’s
  • C11 – Helicopter Transmissions: Static Masts & Deck Fitting
  • C12 – Hydraulics: Lockheed Electra L188 Filters; Hi-Temp Fuel flow pressure release valves
  • C14 – Undercarriages / Landing Gears / Main Wheels & Brakes: Lockheed Electra L188; DC3; DH Dove; DH Heron; APPH; Boeing 737; DC3/DC6; ATP; Avro Anson; Cessna; Jetstream & Shorts 360
  • C16 – Propellers: Hamilton Standard; De Havilland; Hartzell; McCauley; Dowty Rotol; MT; Ontic; Curtis Wright
  • C20 – Fuselage: Baggage Floors
  • D1 – NDT: Magnetic Particle; Liquid Penetrant & Eddy Current

Current Accreditations

CFS Aeroproducts Ltd are a fully approved maintenance organisation to the following aviation authorities:

  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)  (Ref: UK.145.01292)
  • UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) (Ref: AI/9943/12)
  • USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (Ref: SCFY298B)
  • Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) approval process in progress
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Foreign MRO) (Ref: CARC.F.AMO.55)
  • BRP-Rotax iRMT
  • ISO 9001:2008 accredited (Ref: FS 610150)
  • EN/AS9110 approval process in progress


John Rowley
Technical Director

T: 44 02476 305873
F: 44 02476 302088

CFS Aero
The Alvis Works
Bubbenhall Rd

Business Background

Since January 2012, when the new ownership injected significant capital, not only to refurbish and modernize the Coventry facility, but enable the company stock rotable propellers & engines to ensure fast-track turn-around for its clients. Through rapidly progressing and delivering on opportunities in the commercial and military aviation market the company has grown significantly since 2012. We are now a leading turbine, piston and propeller MRO facility with long term civil and military clients throughout the world.

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