ActOn Shell Cleaning Machine installed at Rolls Royce Bristol allows client to process 3 times more

Posted on Wed, 12 Aug 2020 

During the shelling process, there is a buildup of ceramic slurry on the various equipment used such as matting, rubber caps, handles, plates and cruciforms. ActOn Finishing were contacted by Rolls Royce Bristol to look at improving the cleaning process to ensure a faster process time and more consistent results.

Finishing Solution Developed for Rolls Royce Bristol

After carrying out live trials at our facility, it was proven that the Vibratory Finishing machine was the right solution to clean parts quickly and consistently. Due to space restrictions, a Vibratory Trough was chosen which had the added flexibility of processing parts of various sizes.

The system has several advantages such as:

ü  Easy to maintain

ü  Compact footprint

ü  Quiet in operation

ü  Small and large parts can be processed

ü  Process time reduction from 60 minutes to 10 minutes

ü  3 times more volume that can be processed at once

ü  Reduced water consumption 

Henry Illsley (Shell Process Engineer, Rolls Royce Bristol) states:

“ActOn were quick to develop a solution for the shell cleaning system. The machine has improved our throughput significantly and we are pleased with the quality of machine that they have manufactured and installed. We look forward to working with ActOn on future collaborative projects.”


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