ActOn Finishing Launches Wheel Blasting Range in UK in Partnership with Cogeim Europe

Posted on Mon, 06 Sep 2021 in: Press Releases

We are excited to announce that ActOn Finishing is launching a new partnership with a high-profile Italian industrial company, Cogeim Europe, as part of our growth plans. The partnership will enable ActOn to supply the wheel blasting technology to the manufacturing sector in UK.

These machines are designed to guarantee reliable operation and a long service life. The wheel blasting technology will offer the possibility to achieve a wide range of finishing applications, including descaling, removal of corrosion or rust, paint stripping, de-flashing, achieving a smooth finish, shot peening, polishing and surface preparation prior to coating.

Wheel Blasting Technology

The ActOn offering includes a wide range of wheel blast machines to meet our customers’ requirements. These blast equipment is designed for blasters who require rapid, repeatable and efficient blasting results, a process free of interruption and a shot blasting machine with a solid. construction. Moreover all components are assembled, according to ISO-certification, to create a compact turn-key unit.

The new wheel blast range includes:

  • Spinner Hanger Blast Machine designed to shot blast components of all sizes and / or fragile parts. Some of the most common applications include: paint stripping, descaling, de-sanding castings, deburring and cleaning aluminium pressure diecastings, shot peening, removal of rust and blast cleaning.
  • Tumble Rubber / Steel Belt Blast Machines, ideal to shot blast batches of small or medium parts and fragile components. Any type of material can be processed in these machines, from forged and heattreated components, to steel, aluminium and brass parts and fragile plastic parts.
  • Wire Mesh Belt Blast Machine, built for a continuous shot blasting process of aluminium and steel parts. These machines are also perfect for processing components slots and wholes which are difficult to reach, such as gears, diecastings, castings, gearboxes or forged parts. Continuous Feed Overhead Rail Blast Machine, used for treatment of components hanged on a hook which run on a O-ring motorised overhead rail. This shot blasting equipment is widely used by steel, cast iron and aluminium foundries for the surface cleaning of metallic products.
  • Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machines, designed to process metal sheets or plates, profiles and metallic structures and any other long or/and flat component, in a continuous feed process.
  • Continuous Feed Tube & Bar Blast Machines, built to be a continuous feed shot blasting machine for pipes, bottles, cylindrical parts, round bars, torsion bars, gas cylinders and drill rods. Can be easily integrated into existing production lines.
  • Rotary Table Blast Machine, a compact range, which requires minimum space, suitable for shot blasting small and medium parts. It is a self-contained piece of equipment suitable for applications such as paint stripping, corrosion, rust and heat scale removal, deburing, deflashing, cleaning and surface texturing.
  • And the Tunnel Concrete Shot Blasting Machine, designed for surface treatment of marble, granite, natural stone, concrete and aggregate blocks to obtain a bush-hammered, flame treated, antique appearance finishing.

Sid Gulati, Managing Director at ActOn Finishing, said that this range of Wheel Blasting Machines fits perfectly with the firm’s existing range of shot blasting and mass finishing products. He states: “We are continuously developing and adding new products to our range of finishing solutions and are certainly excited with our new range of wheel blast technology. ActOn are here to offer you a complete solution."

A Complete Wheel Blasting Experience

With five decades of experience and knowledge in the finishing industry, we are here to answer any questions you may have in surface finishing. From finding the right size and shape of blasting media, to developing the right finishing process for your components and building a unique wheel blasting system tailored for your parts, we will be able to provide you with the right answers and solutions. On top of that, we provide on-going support through an expert after-sales service, which helps to guide our customers through every step of their journey.#

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