Turnover Drive at ActOn Finishing Stourbridge Facility

Posted on Tue, 05 Dec 2017 in: All, Events and News

The new general manager of our Stourbridge Shot Blasting and Peening facility, Andy Tarr, is looking to propel the turnover to new heights and expand the factory space in the near future.

ActOn Finishing Stourbridge, formerly known as Quality Blasting, was formed in Birmingham during the war to blast shells for the defence industry and has evolved to its current Stourbridge base where it has around 80 regional clients undertaking a variety of domestic and commercial finishing jobs.

Further to ActOn Ventures acquiring Quality Blasting at the start of this year, the company continued to trade under ActOn Finishing Stourbridge name and Andy is now planning to boost its turnover past the £1m mark.

Andy Tarr said:

“This is a business that has been trading at a stable level for some time, but there is so much potential for it to develop further.

We are currently trading out of two 5,000 sq ft units but we have an additional 5,000 square units of space, which we are looking to capitalise on.

So often our customers only currently come to us for one service before they have to find somebody else for their next stage of the finishing process, and that is something we are striving to change”

“We have a team of 11 that are currently managing around 30 jobs a week, and a lot of work has gone into improving our efficiency levels so that we’ll be ready to tackle and increase in orders.”

Sid Gulati, managing director at ActOn Ventures, said:

“Quality Blasting is a well-run business that has built up a solid reputation in the industry, so when the opportunity arose to purchase the firm, we knew it was the ideal investment to expand into a new area and grow.”

For more information regarding the finishing services provided by ActOn Finishing Stourbridge please check ActOn Finishing website. or email ActOn Finishing Stourbridge team at stourbridge@acton-finishing.co.uk 


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